The story behind Value Innovation Technologies (VIT).

We saw a problem when it came to the procurement side of B2B transactions. To be honest, we saw several problems, so we took our 25 years of industry experience and created a cost-saving eCatalog solution for repetitive procurement purchases and an eCommerce system integration tool to help resellers, distributors and wholesalers sell more, while being more efficient.

We specialize in building, managing and hosting custom electronic catalogs that include the best of today’s eCommerce features with procurement best practices. And our efforts have not gone unnoticed, as we are now an award-winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology and business process automation company.

With these innovative technologies, both the buyer and the seller experience an improved way to conduct B2B commerce and transact with each other. See for yourself:

Red Hat Accelerate, Integrate, Automate Award

Meet our leadership team as they discuss how they worked with Red Hat to develop a customizable, cloud-based software to help clients manage their procurement spend. This development led to receiving the global Red Hat Accelerate, Integrate, Automate Award.

How we do what we do.

In all we do, we offer transformative value through our four-step approach:

Analytics. Insight. Technology. Support



We start by collecting robust data analytics to save you money by identifying substitutions for cost savings. While that’s easy enough to do in a straightforward, 1:1 match from the same manufacturer or the same part number, we have built into our system the ability to draw meaningful conclusions from unstructured purchasing data even when vendors call products different names, use different specs, part numbers and descriptions. This gives you the ability to designate lower-cost items in your eCatalog, so when your employees make purchases, they help your bottom line.


We guide our clients on a plan for how to maximize the value from our analytics, such as implementing a comprehensive strategy to change purchasing behavior, leveraging insights from the data to manage supplier relationships, or connecting systems to maximize efficiencies and reduce manual work. We help you engineer more efficient processes to optimize value from savings opportunities and system integration, or to create scalability.


Next, we give you the tools to implement and ensure the execution of the strategies from the analytics and insights. That includes business process automation, electronic catalogs, and award-winning spend management technology. We fill in the gaps of consultants and other platforms by delivering not only expertise and data analytics, but a unique and patent-pending technology that drives savings, efficiency and growth.


We’ll be there with you every step of the way to ensure success.  We’re not just offering a software system and walking away.  We provide a total solution that includes dedicated support, expertise, and our commitment to make things work for you.  From training and technical support to on-site resources, VIT will make the process as easy as possible for you, allowing you and your team to be more effective.