A spend management platform that works for you and saves you money.

Our eLink™ Gateway system is a cloud-based spend management solution for building, implementing, hosting and maintaining customized direct URL and punchout catalogs. With eLink™, you can better manage the purchase of B2B products and services, particularly indirect supplies, from contract vendors.

The eLink™ Gateway system allows companies of all sizes to manage the product and service choices of their associates across the entire supplier base, resulting in maximum cost savings and greater management control. The eLink™ platform does not compete with other procurement platforms or the procurement modules of ERP systems. Instead, it typically fills the gaps in functionality of those systems.

By hosting your own shopping catalogs for your preferred suppliers, managed by the VIT team, you can harness the power of multi-vendor catalogs to direct your end users to the best priced items after you’ve negotiated contracts. The award-winning eLink™ system can be used to promote the purchase of products from the following:

  • Diverse vendors
  • Local vendors
  • Vendors with environmentally-friendly products
  • Other unique or socially-conscious initiatives

Take control, simplify and automate your online shopping experience with eLink™ Gateway.

The features you can expect with the eLink™ Gateway:



Get detailed, auditable savings reporting that you can track down to the line item level. eLink™ gives you an audit trail to easily track actual savings generated from the product substitution decisions made by the procurement team beyond comparing budget to spend. This way, you can use the system to help you mesh theory to practice and quantify hard savings.



Control end user product choices. eLink™  manages vendor catalogs with customized world class search logic. eLink’s™  best-in-class data harmonization allows for automated product comparison across multiple vendors and recommended or required substitutions, which drives huge savings fast! eLink™ manages supplier catalog integrations for punchout catalogs.



Control and prevent unapproved supplier price changes in real time by utilizing the VIT team to facilitate catalog builds/updates on your behalf rather than relying on suppliers to update prices themselves in their own punchout catalogs.



Automate product substitutions to manage choices for savings with eLink’s™  patented optimization process. Let our system manage complex business rules at point-of-purchase, so that your team can spend more time on high-value activities.



View detailed transaction data (125+ points of data per line item per order) down to the user level, and receive customizable management reporting and insights for product standardization and savings opportunities.



Curb rogue spending. Implementing a user-friendly eCommerce platform that you control will drive compliance to your negotiated contracts and increased usage of your preferred vendors.

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For large enterprises, government organizations and emerging mid-sized companies looking to turn procurement into a business advantage, the eLink™ Gateway system has proven to be a great fit for companies of all sizes. Until the development of this technology, it has been nearly impossible to generate savings in this way for indirect material purchases, and even services. Contact us today for a free trial.