Informational Resources

eLink™ Gateway: A cloud-based spend management solution
What if your organization could do comparison shopping from your preferred suppliers as easily as you compare hotels on online travel sites? You can with the award-winning eLink™ Gateway platform, which allows you to include products from multiple vendors in one shopping catalog for side-by-side comparisons and automated cross-vendor product substitutions! Learn how you can save 15-45% on your indirect spend!

eLink™ Gateway Sample Supplier Categories
Learn more about how eLink™ Gateway saves you money after you’ve negotiated supplier contracts and get ideas for potential supplier categories to include in the platform.

eLink™ Category Fit Quadrant
Criteria for determining which indirect spend categories are the best fit for eLink™ Gateway

eLink™ Integration Capabilities
The eLink™ platform is very flexible because it was designed to easily integrate with other systems.  eLink™ supports several methods of integration depending on the preferences of our clients.  This allows our clients to select the method that is easiest for them.

Strategic Sourcing Fit Map
Learn more about how eLink™ Gateway fits into your existing strategic sourcing process and can integrate with your systems to dramatically increase their efficiency and drive consistent, auditable savings.

Sample Implementation Plan
Discover our process of onboarding a new vendor.

VIT Standard Implementation Timeline
The success of the implementation plan is contingent on the availability and commitment of all required resources.