At VIT, we help you buy what you need and get it to the people who need it.  We are business process engineers and the developer and provider of software that helps you either:

    • Save millions of dollars on indirect spend;
    • Sell more products to your customers; or
    • Remove process bottlenecks by integrating systems, automating manual business processes, and providing data analytics.

We specialize in building, managing, and hosting custom electronic catalogs that include the best of today’s eCommerce features with procurement best practices.

The award-winning eLink platform is designed to be both flexible and scalable to address many of the challenges facing both buying and selling organizations who manage transactions with each other.

Solutions by Application

eCommerce Catalogs

Do you want a flexible eCommerce site to sell more products that you can customize to your business, back end systems, and your specific customer accounts?

Price Stewardship

After you negotiate supplier contracts, how do you ensure that those prices don’t change without your permission in a punch out environment?

Multi-Vendor Catalogs

Do you need a way to compare product and pricing results to easily identify the best product choices amongst your preferred or contracted suppliers, even if the best choice is not an exact match?

Supplier Data Management

Are you looking for a better way to accurately track and report savings using detailed spend data down to the line item level?

Hosted & Punch Out Catalogs

Do you need help with hosting catalogs or managing punch out catalogs with your preferred vendors?

System Integration

Do you need to connect multiple systems to streamline your order, financial, inventory, or procurement process?

Common Business Challenges

Are you experiencing any of these situations in your organization?

Lack of Data Visibility – Is it difficult to access transaction or line item detail for your supplier purchases?

Supplier Price Creep – Do you find yourself constantly having to verify your contract pricing on your supplier’s website or trying to catch pricing discrepancies after purchases are made?

Demand Management – Once you negotiate vendor contracts, how do you ensure that your employees select the right products at the right prices from your preferred suppliers every time?

Difficulty Shopping Across Multiple Vendors – Are your end users too loyal to the same vendors even when there’s a better value available with another contracted supplier?

Underrepresented Vendors – Are you looking for ways to support your socio-economic spend initiatives (such as small business, green, local, women, minority business, etc.) without sacrificing savings?


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