Do you struggle with your indirect spend?

With our cloud-based eLink™ Gateway spend management solution, you can:

  • Customize online shopping for repetitive, business-to-business (B2B) products.
  • Combine multiple direct URL and punchout catalogs into one platform.
  • Manage and control product choice.
  • Designate preferred suppliers.
  • Save on indirect spend.
  • Take control of spend management.
  • Review robust analytics.
  • Ensure consistent supplier pricing and terms, even across multi-vendor catalogs.
  • Support socio-economic spend initiatives without sacrificing savings.

A better eCommerce solution.

An ineffective and inefficient eCatalog system costs money and time, and causes more than a few headaches. Our award-winning eLink™ platform is designed to be both flexible and scalable to address many of the challenges facing both buying and selling organizations who manage transactions with each other.
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Exclusive features of our eLink™ technology:

eCommerce Catalogs

eCommerce Catalogs
Utilize a flexible eCommerce site to access your key vendors, at your contract pricing, all in one convenient shopping session.

Price Stewardship

Price Stewardship
Ensure that supplier contract prices don’t change without your permission in a punchout environment.

Multi-Vendor Catalogs

Multi-Vendor Catalogs
Compare product and pricing results to easily identify the best product choices amongst your preferred or contracted suppliers, even if the best choice is not an exact match.

Supplier Data Management

Supplier Data Management
Accurately track and report savings using detailed spend data down to the line item level.

Hosted & Punchout Catalogs

Hosted & Punchout Catalogs
Host catalogs or manage punchout catalogs with your preferred vendors.

System Integration

System Integration
Connect multiple systems to streamline your order, financial, inventory or procurement process.

What makes Value Innovation Technologies (VIT) different?

We understand the complications that exist in the procurement process because we spent over 25 years as suppliers to large clients. We strive to help you find what you want for the price you want without the hassle of multiple sources. We stand apart from our competition because:

  • We built our award-winning platform to be fully configurable and customizable to fit each customer’s specific needs.
  • We developed our technology in direct response to the problems we experienced firsthand.
  • We offer product substitutions.
  • We listen to your needs and determine how to solve them.
  • We partner with our customers.


Are you ready to take control of your spend?