Who Are We?

Value Innovation Technologies (VIT) is an award-winning SaaS (software-as-a-service) technology and business process automation company. We are thought leaders in using technology to improve the way enterprises conduct B2B commerce and transact with each other.  We help clients optimize value from savings opportunities, system integration, or to create scalability using big data analytics, advisory & spend management services, and eCatalog technology.

Are You a Buyer?

VIT brings you a cloud based spend management solution for building, implementing, hosting and maintaining customized direct URL and punch out catalogs for better managing the purchase of business-to-business (B2B) products and services, particularly indirect supplies, from contract vendors.  We allow you to take control of the shopping experience by managing product choice at the point of purchase to make sure your employees always select the right products.

Are you a Reseller?

We offer customized and flexible eCommerce websites to help you scale your business and SELL MORE to your customers while improving the efficiency of your business operations.  Whether you’re a reseller, distributor, or selling your own proprietary products, you can have a world-class eCommerce platform that can not only connect with your backend systems but with your customers and vendors, too!

Price Stewardship

After you negotiate multiple supplier contracts for high volume categories, is it possible to ensure that your employees always select the supplier with the best value product every time?

Find out how

Tired of manual processes because your back end and eCommerce systems don't communicate?

VIT’s eLink Marketplace Enterprise Edition and team of business process automation experts can help.

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